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Open Letter to the Prime Minister
Prof Jackie Jones, Barrister, MEP, Wales was joined by Gloria Mills CBE, National Secretary, UNISON, Equalities, Sian Stockham, Senior Vice-President, UNISON, Alan Fox. National Pensions Officer, UNISON. Callum Jones, Undergraduate.
Jackie Jones MP
Gloria Mills Unison
Mac 1955 New Tredegar, Wales
Mo 1954, Spain
Fran 1955, Edinburgh
Mair 1956 Mold, Flintshire
North Wales
Gerry 1954, London
Nic 1955, East Sussex
Sheila 1953, Leicester
Fi 1956, London
Janet 1955, Leeds
Dingabelle 1957, Durham
Eileen 1959, London
Karen 1957, Kent
Jan 1955, Bucks
Anne 1956, London
Sue 1955, Tyne & Wear
Val 1952, Tyne & Wear
Kate 1954, Southampton
Paula 1957, Cheshire
Jackie 1954, Peterborough
Sue 1953, Gloucestershire
Sharon 1959, Carlisle
Lesley 1957, Southampton
Janis 1959, Cumbria
Rose 1954, East Sussex
Jackie 1959, Liverpool
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