1950's Women are being cheated out of their expected pension entitlement.

#BackTo60 has 723,500 supporters of 50's women who demand the return of their earned dues which

are being kept from them.


#50sWomen have 'done all the right things' despite having faced lifelong inequities.

'ONE VOICE' is an initiative to hold the direction of the various women and groups, fighting together for one common goal. To secure back our earned dues.

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Our goal is to reach 1’000’000.

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The Survey

Read the survey results conducted by SOS Initiatives. Evidence of how greatly women have been affected.


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‘One Voice’ Documentary brought to you by Jasper Warry, was filmed on the 22nd November with a private screening which took place on the 25th November 2017.   


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Our Goal


  • To reach 1 million signers to our e-petition and engage parliaments.


  • To generate high traffic to our surveys hosted by SOS Initiatives and demonstrate the impact of these losses on 1950's Women's lives.



  • To encourage peer groups to stand alongside each other and deliver our common mission, the return of our earned dues, in association with AnnaCcampaign.


  • To generate support of nationwide electorate.


  • The time for you to get involved in 'One Voice' is now.  Be a voice, not an echo.


The 'OneVoice' documentary is now available. Head over to the news section below to find out the latest info.


Inspiring People Working For The Cause

There are simply too many wonderful people to mention who have been speaking out against the Pensions Act decision. Below are just a few of the inspiring people who are helping to spread the word.

Trauma which has been inflicted upon our minds, bodies and lives need not contaminate our pure shared goals.