Update from Backto60 2020

Dear Friends

Thank you for all your beautiful messages which touched our hearts.

Our timely visit to 10 Downing Street on Monday last was a great thrill as we were able to announce that we have been granted Leave on all grounds to appeal at the Appeal Court.

What a comeback!

We gave the Prime Minister one of our caps with the backto60.com logo printed on it and pointed out that it was 'a hat to fit his undertaking to do everything possible to resolve the issue for women born in the 1950s': let's trust he will wear it.

We flagged our CEDAW petition and the fact that the Minister for Equalities, House of Lords, stated that a CEDAW UK Rep is to be nominated. We expect the latter to happen sooner rather than later given that we have waited 40 years!

You help has enabled us to create this Double Whammy.

Please work harder still as the remaining obstacles must be surmounted as we reach out to Full Restitution - your earned dues, returned.

Thank you for everything you do which is truly appreciated.

Please now write to your MP and demand the CEDAW UK Representative is nominated by 6th March.

All the best


We all need to do this NOW together so that we make a great impact on the importance of a CEDAW Representative. CEDAW

Watch Prof Jackie Jones MEP on CEDAW YouTube

Let your MPs Know how important this is to you. We have been waiting 40 years for a CEDAW Rep. We need one now. Write / Email / Tweet / FB page.

Thank you. If you need help with finding your MPs email address , then here is a link to help you find your MP. It’s very easy to follow – just put in the MPs name and what party; although name only is okay and press search Find your MP Here

Joanne Welch Interview with Ian Rothwell Salford City Radio 21st Jan 2020

Talking about Permission for The Appeal being Granted ON ALL COUNTS.

Listen to the interview 21/01/2020 SCR Here

Listen to all our radio interviews on the website Here

Joanne Welch

Founder & Director 2020Comms backto60.com


Press Enquiries ONLY to: hello@backto60.com

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