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Hi Everyone,

We're trailblazing into 2020 with brilliant news about our CEDAW campaign and also from the European Parliament.

Checkout the Tweets and links below and watch out next week for our news from outside 10 Downing Street.

Remember, our Judicial Review is nothing whatsoever to do with Maladministration nor will it change Primary Legislation: we await news from the Appeal Court.

This unique channel is where you receive the official news, first.

Thank you for your support. backto60. com


"Our #JudicialReview has nothing to do with #Maladministration Investigation, whatsoever, no matter what anybody else may say.".-Marcia Wills Stewart, Birnberg Peirce cc @maladmin

#BackTo60 for #50sWomen backto60 com

Delighted to advise that the #CEDAW Committee, Geneva has welcomed the breaking news that a UK #CEDAW Representative will be nominated and elected by 2022.

UK House of Lords 16/01/2020 Parliament TV

@UKHouseofLords responded to @LibDems @LorelyBurt 's Question, advising her & her colleague, Lady Gale @labourpress that a UK #CEDAW #Conservative Baroness Williams of Trafford, Minister for Equalities Representative will be in place by 2022

Listen to Parliament TV at time 11:32:53 Here


@RebeccaKMunro @EuropeanUni

Discussed Civil Rights with @DrDavinaLloyd1

Out of which Rebecca is writing a Report and a book. Davina advised us that French territories eg St Maarten, Caribbean, had pension protests & tourism was disrupted as a direct result. #Macron #GiletJaunes

Davina's meeting with Rebecca will inform Rebecca's PhD on civil society mobilisation: the journal articles and book publication will come once the PhD is finished.

'Lady Hale criticised the fact ... all her fellow [Supreme Court] judges belonged to an all-male private member’s club and found it unacceptable for them to have a professional space to socialise and interact that excluded her and other women.'

Read Lady Hale's Story Here

Today is a huge day for women and the Equal Rights Amendment. Please watch and share this viral doc by the great @KenBurns

for some history on the ERA and why all eyes are on Virginia to be the last state needed to ratify the amendment.

Watch Here

Today, the House of Delegates WILL pass the Equal Rights Amendment. In this nation and this Commonwealth, women WILL have equal protection under the law. It has taken far too long, but finally women will be represented in the Constitution. History.

Watch Here

Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


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