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10 Downing St Thursday 22nd August 2019 1:30 pm

Press Release - Open Letter - Petition Letter

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister was delivered today, by hand, to 10 Downing Street, 22nd August, to highlight Early Day Motion 2296 and the CEDAW 'Temporary Special Measure' within it - signed by 177 cross-party MPs - to provide full restitution to 3.8m women born in the 1950s who are demanding the return of their earned dues.

Prof Jackie Jones, Barrister, MEP, Wales was joined by Gloria Mills CBE, National Secretary, UNISON, Equalities, Sian Stockham, Senior Vice-President, UNISON, Alan Fox. National Pensions Officer, UNISON, Joanne Welch, Campaign Director, and Callum Jones, Undergraduate.

Early Day Motion 2296 EDM2296

Temporary Special Measure video CEDAW

Anna Mcorrin MP "The state pension changes have disrupted the lives of millions of women born in the 1950s. Many have had to change their working and retirement plans so late in life, causing great upheaval. The Government should do the right thing and provide these women with the restitution they deserve.".

Prof Jones "It's beyond time for women to have equal rights and equal financial entitlements for years of service. Equal pension is part of this. No way are women going to settle for anything less."

Gloria Mills "1950s women deserve their full state pension now and the government should act by using the Temporary Special Measure contained in CEDAW to right this wrong. UNISON the UK's largest trade union with 1 million women members will continue to fight for pension justice for the 3.8 million women born in the 1950s many of whom are UNISON members.".

Joanne Welch, Campaign Director, delivered a petition with c47,000 signers 'Secretary of State for Work & Pensions #BackTo60 for #50sWomen #StatePension NOW!'

Earlier petitions, one of which reached 728,000 signers, were delivered to former Prime Minister, Theresa May on 3 separate occasions: sadly, they were ignored and thus the Judicial Review, held on 5th and 6th June was held at the Royal Courts of Justice, Divisional Court and the Reserved Judgment is awaited.

Unison is the largest Union with more than 1.3million members providing public services in Education, Local Government, The NHS, the Police and Energy. They are employed in both the public and private sectors.

'Temporary Special Measures' are Erskine May proof with a track record of success eg All Women's Shortlists: these parliamentary vehicles can be triggered by a Statutory Instrument.

That said, the Prime Minister need only to execute his publicised commitment to address this issue by doing everything he can to do so with new eyes and fresh vigour since, as he also stated, it has languished for far too long.

Open Letter to The Prime Minister signed by:

Anna McMorrin MP - Jackie Jones MEP

Joanne Welch Campaign Director - Gloria Mills CBE Unison

See Letter below. Click on link

Open Letter

Petition Letter to The Prime Minister

From Backto60 Campaign Director Joanne Welch

See Letter below Click on the link

Petition Letter

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3.8 Million 50s Women pension demands to Downing Street.

22nd Aug 2019

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