We Did It

Thank you, dear donors. We stand on your shoulders.

On 8th Jul 2019 we successfully raised £20,151 with 1347 supporters in

25 days to fund publicity for

Read David Hencke's latest blog:

Civil Servants Enjoy Bumper Bonuses

Link to David's Blog: Here

Read Prem Sikka's piece in Left Foot Forward.

Raising the state pension age is regressive class politics.

Link to Prem's piece Here

Check out @rothersonradio @salfordcradio Ian Rothwell & guests.

Listen to the latest Radio Interview Salford City Radio 9th Jul 2019

Two courageous #50sWomen.

Upon whose shoulders great responsibilities stand.

Click to listen to Julie Here

Click to listen to Karen Here

Backto60 had a TwitterStorm on 8th July 2019 #TakingitBackto60

A Big Thank You to All Twitterstormers we stand alongside you.

Thank you Unions we stand together.

Our own Mac Hawkins #BackTo60 at #NyeBevanFestival #TUC 7th Jul 2019.

CCBC, Unison & Unison Womens National Conference Supports

Positive talks are also going on with other unions in support of motion alongside TUC.

Overnight in London Backto60 Graffiti appeared.

Latest Publicity Stunt Reverse Graffiti. Backto60 Clean Pavement Stencils.

Locations including: Houses of Parliament, Portcullis House, Treasury,

Department of Works & Pensions, Supreme Court.

Click on link to see the brilliant stencils all over London:

Graffiti Link

Tip: Once you click on the link and the photos come up. Look at top right and see the i Click on this and it will give you the location of the photo.

If you like what you see click 'LIKE' on the photo page. Thank you.

Press Enquiries

Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms


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