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When Lord Rooker states on BBC World At One "it needs a reversal" - that is, the State Pension age escalation 'back to 60' for 1950s Women - having already stated on social media that the 'National Insurance Fund is fraudulent, that all insiders knew, as did he; that the net tightens' - then it is time for backto60 .com to be recognised by parliamentarians who prefer to act as though we do not exist.

Furthermore, Paul Lewis, BBC Radio 4 Moneybox Live amplified David Hencke's viral blog (on davidhencke .com) about the 'missing £271bn' adding it was actually £400bn 'The National Insurance sting depriving 1950s Women of their State Pension: evidence suggests they have been cheated by successive governments mishandling of the National Insurance Fund.

Yesterday, Baroness Altmann was scathing about the Department of Work & Pensions when she was interviewed on BBC Politics Live and most sympathetic indeed to the plight of 1950s women.

What now?

The UK Equality Act 2010 is discriminatory for women since the government hasn't incorporated a UN Convention into it - to which it signed up 30 years ago - and neither has a UK representative been sent to meetings for 40 years.

Prof Jones' Amicus Brief in the matter, and evidence submitted to the Women & Equality Select Committee Inquiry into the Act, outlines the inherent discrimination against women and a failure on the part of the State to advance women's position in society as well as a State failure to implement substantive and/or transformative equality.

Prof Jones will shortly launch an e-petition via backto60 .com to address these concerns and bring about changes in the said Act.

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive, Fawcett Society has agreed to discuss the proposal with us: we are looking forward to the upcoming Fawcett Society Conference, too.

Our World Class Legal team led by Michael Mansfield QC has today announced that a Court Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice has been listed in the matter of our Judicial Review.

Our Partner, Yvette Greenway, Joint Chief Executive, Silence of Suicide has today - World Mental Health Day - released fresh data revealing the impact of the swiftly, twice deferred, state pension escalation, by stealth, which will shortly be published on sossilenceofsuicide.org

We gathered 742,000 signatures to our first e-petition which we archived to begin a second one to secure global coverage. Our third e-petition, described above, opens a complementary channel which will act as a lighthouse to bring our ship home.

The #OneVoice 'Shoulder to Shoulder' Rally held in Hyde Park and Parliament Square today unified all peer groups in the arena "to hold the direction"- Michael Mansfield QC.

It made history: as will our full length film 'Greers Law' which will document this atrocity, and in perpetuity.

No more 'divide and rule' games: we demand the return of our earned dues, backto60, earned under contract.

With Compliments

Joanne Welch


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