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#BackTo60's Team is honoured and thrilled to be working alongside Michael & Yvette whose world renowned, game changing work in the field social justice, blazes trails way beyond all that anyone in the throes of making a challenge dare to ask.

SOS Silence of Suicide

Michael and Yvette, on behalf of SOS, are delighted to be working alongside #Backto60, investigating and highlighting the mental health impact that SPA deferral has had on 1950's women in the UK.

There's no doubt that women affected by Government policy have suffered, not just financially, but socially, physically and psychologically too - the findings of our surveys on behalf of #Backto60 emphatically illustrate this.

SOS has worked with the #Backto60 Campaign to encourage women to speak openly about the full impact of SPA deferrals on their mental wellbeing, hosting an SOS meeting in 2017.

Over 20,500 women responded to the survey and used the opportunity for their voices to be heard. A staggering 35% experienced feelings of suicide as a direct result of SPA deferral - that's over 7000 women. A further 10% had engaged in self harm, equating to over 2000 women. Shocking and frightening statistics from just a small percentage of the estimated 3.8 million women affected by Government policy.

The daily pressures on these women and their families will not simply 'go away' and SOS are proud to offer continuous support, alongside Backto60, whenever they need it, for however long they need it.

👉 If you need support and feel we may be able to help, then please email us in the strictest confidence to

Anna Christian Campaigns

Anna Christian Campaigns is run by Yvette Greenway and works alongside individuals and groups to help gain public visibility in their quest for truth, accountability, justice and equality.

ACC has been working with #Backto60 and its members since our initial meeting in 2017. During this time, we have participated in many joint awareness projects, including presenting a 650,000 plus strong petition to No 10, assisting with the production and direction of Backto60/ACC/JasperWarry documentaries and being highly active and supportive with social media campaigns.

We're looking forward to next week's 'Battle Bus' journey and to keeping the visibility of this hugely important campaign where it belongs - at the front of public consciousness.

Joanne Welch of #Backto60 has our continued support for the astounding work she is doing on behalf of so many women and their families. Like us, she never gives up, despite the challenges that are an inevitable part of campaigning.

We're also currently working with In-Fact, a group who have campaigned relentlessly against the use of anti-convulsant drug Sodium Valproate during pregnancy, which harms the fetus and results in children being born with FACS syndrome.

We have set up our own group against the use of vaginal mesh for prolapse and SUI called 'Mashed Up By Mesh', and are assisting on two other medical campaigns.

👉 If you, or anyone you know, might like assistance from ACC, please email us at

Twitter: @SOS_Initiatives and @AnnaCCampaigns




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