Dear Loyal #BackTo60 Supporters

Our ring fenced legal fund to pay our legal team is safely stored in the bank - with grateful thanks to all our backers.

Right now, we should very much like to magnify our campaign, further still, and we seek funding to do so.

Coming up, next month are invitations to appear on tv and a Battlebus Tour of Parliament, No10, DWP and, probably Buckingham Palace. One Faith organisation is setting about an investigation into the state pension loss, on our behalf.

Our Battlebus special guests will be Michael Mansfield QC and Yvette Greenway accompanied by our film crew: we shall use the event to share more about our plans.

Please can you make a donation? All sums are welcome, big or small - all are appreciated.

We have made a meteoric rise due to your generosity and support. Onward.


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