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"We have received the decision of the Supreme Court and I am sorry to tell you that permission has been refused.".

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The Steering Committee of the CEDAW People's Tribunal (CPT) is delighted to welcome on board, five extraordinary women who together will preside on the Panel of Independent Judges.

President panel of judges The Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt Read about her Here & Here

Prof Christine Chinkin

Read about her Here

Jane Gordon Read about her Here

Prof Aisha Gill Read about her Here

Prof Fareda Banda Read about her Here

Counsel, Prof John Cooper QC, leads the Advocacy Group which includes a soon to be expanded team of Academic Consultants and qualified Legal Assistants. Read about him Here

Academic Consultants Prof Andrew Byrnes Read about him Here Dr Meghan Campbell Read about her Here

Well wishers have sent encouraging messages to CPT, notably, Prof Philip Alston, former UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty. "This really is excellent news. It's very encouraging to see how well you and your colleagues have been able to move this forward.". Safeguarding the wellbeing of future generations through the prism of Women's Rights is in the palm of your hands: thank you for your donations On behalf of the Steering Committee CEDAW People's Tribunal @CEDAWpt

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