Women's Bill of Rights

Judicial Review & CEDAW People's Tribunal

A special message to each of you, our loyal supporters.


Thank you all, so much, for your loyalty in the face of a bombardment of unprecedented oppression as backto60 com awaits its historic Ruling out of the Court of Appeal, scheduled for 15th September.

The invincibility of backto60 com shines through the "... increasing coordinated and effective opposition to Women's Rights, generally." -Baroness Trafford, Conservative Peer.

Our grateful thanks for your insuperable support and your thoughtful messages to the whole backto60 com team.

Westminster Confidential, David Hencke's blog on the Ruling.

Link Here


An historic moment in time........

Thank you for those of you who have already donated and shared the @CEDAWpt Crowd Fund which is hugely appreciated.

From this day forward, women and girls' lives will be PROTECTED from such abhorrent Discrimination experienced by #50sWomen thanks to @CEDAWpt

'CEDAW People's Tribunal'.

Why 'read and run' when for a donation, you can play your part in history in the making?

#CEDAWPeoplesTribunal Crowdfund Link Here

Keep your conscience clear, donate to @CEDAWpt and share the Crowd Fund link or, forever, have to explain why you 'walked on by' to oppressed younger women and girls.

Please also kindly sign and share both CEDAW e-petitions before you log out:

Integrate all CEDAW Rights into domestic law: sign Here

Secure a CEDAW UK Representative: sign Here

With our eternal thanks

From all at backto60 com

And CEDAW People's Tribunal

Joanne Welch

Founder & Director Backto60.com


07729 625784

Press enquiries ONLY to: hello@backto60.com

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