'Speaking Truth To Power'

Dear Friends

Our next thrilling project

Our successful films are hugely popular.

One of many favourites is 'The London Takeover' YouTube

Put simply, the sheer joy of projecting our campaign branding onto the House of Commons - albeit in the freezing night air - was such an unexpected and total rush.

The event brought tears of joy to our eyes as backto60 was immortalised onto the seat of Westminster power.

That image is indelibly printed onto our hearts and minds.

Right now, amid the Pandemic, robbed and abandoned #50sWomen also face the detrimental impact of upcoming Brexit.

Fear not, we have an amazing cast primed to make a film about the said devastating triple-whammy impact.

You can read about it here

To expose the above inhumane triple-whammy, please kindly donate & share this thrilling project - click here to view it - with your networks with an invitation for them to do likewise.

On behalf of 3.8m #50sWomen thank you, so much, for your generosity: we cannot do this without your support.

Stay safe and well

Every good wish



Joanne Welch

Founder & Director Backto60.com


07729 625784

Press enquiries ONLY to: hello@backto60.com

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