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David Hencke Exclusive

World Health Organisation's guidelines to 'shield over-60s' ignored because

UK is 'not a developing nation'. That!

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Dr Bharat Pankhania Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Exeter Medical School replied to David Hencke.


Replying to @davidhencke

Thank you David. The over 60's age group, especially with existing medical conditions, as the evidence from Lombardy Italy, (a developed and wealthy region, similar to the UK) indicates have higher mortality following a #coronavirus, #COVID19 infection.


ITV 'Good Morning Britain'

Piers Morgan has the last word on herd immunity.

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'My God. This revelation by ⁦@ShippersUnbound

⁩should be career-ending for Cummings'. - Piers Morgan

Prem Sikka Emeritus Professor of Accounting

'The state pension is in the firing line' - yet again.

Are you ready for another round of austerity, wage freezes, lower minimum wage, erosion of pensions? That is what neoliberal think-tanks are telling the UK government to do to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

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