*Over 60s & 'Severe Risk'


Dr Tedros Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) says as follows;

Government Guidance Link Here

The Prime Minister must change his statement to reflect the advice of:

WHO - World Health Organisation

NHS - Nation Health Service

We need to raise this issue with TV Radio & Newspapers

Use whatever means of contact to get their attention to COVID-9 and how 60yrs + are at a HIGH RISK.

Have you all contacted your Local & National TV, Radio, & Newspapers?

By email; By Phone; Sent a Tweet

60 + Are at RISK

Explain your own personal circumstances and quote Dr Tedros tweet to them. See above.

Find your Newspaper Here

Find your Radio Here

Find your TV Channel Here

Checkout @Rothersonradio @SalfordCRadio 94.4FM

Tuesday 17th March 2020 6pm

To hear CEDAW Expert, Prof Jackie Jones, Barrister, former MEP


Listen Here


Michaela Hawkins, Unison, Women's Officer


Listen Here

and Sheila Jones, 'Retired' Senior Nurse


Listen Here

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