It's Now Official!

We are delighted to share with our loyal supporters today's

BREAKING NEWS that 's Appeal Court Hearing will be held on 21st & 22nd July, this year, with thanks to our World Class Legal Team's astounding work.

NOTE: has taken steps to prevent law breaking, at that juncture e.g. authorities have been advised of one group's plans to dump banners and posters into The Thames as a 'publicity stunt'.

Tight security plans are underway to ensure that 's reputation is not brought into disrepute by such law breaches.

Our phenomenal armoury speaks for itself.

Thank you for your co-operation and ongoing support.

Please sign the petitions & share with all your friends & family asking them to sign & share too.

This is for ALL the Women you know and Love.

1st Petition Here

2nd New Petition Here

Joanne Welch

Founder & Director


07729 625784

Press enquiries ONLY to:

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