10 Downing St. 20th Jan 2020

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

We are delighted to confirm that www.backto60.com have been granted permission to Appeal ON ALL GROUNDS at The Court of Appeal.

#OmniaFeminaeAequissimae "Women Are Equal To Everything" Lady Hale

Check out our videos below for further information.

Jackie Jones MEP - Michaela Hawkins Unison - Lianne Dallimore Unison - With Joanne Welch Backto60 Director.

Watch all their videos below:

Jackie Jones MEP YouTube

Joanne Welch Campaign Director Backto60 YouTube

Michaela Hawkins Backto60 & Unison YouTube

Lianne Dallimore Unison YouTube

Joanne Welch

Founder & Director 2020Comms backto60.com


Press Enquiries ONLY to: hello@backto60.com

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