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High Priority Action Please

As the embers of various policy proposals - from all political parties - emerge to provide what they consider to be compensation for women born in the 1950s who, incidentally, wonder why they've been kept waiting for so many years for such offerings, we invite all supporters to contact the GE19 candidates in their own localities HERE to urge them to:

(A) invite party leaders to place ***Full Restitution*** into their Manifestos

(B) for party leaders to published signed letters on social media to accompany the said undertaking.

Where Discrimination is determined by the Court - as we claim, deserve, expect and accept - CEDAW then demands ***Full Restitution*** and also Compensation: a Temporary Special Measure supported by 225 MPs is planned to be triggered by a Statutory Instrument to swiftly implement the remedy through Parliament.

Our voting bloc is humongous and rightly feared: use your votes wisely as GE19 fast approaches. It is your 'Golden Opportunity' to impress upon parliamentarians that you mean business.

Your future is in your own hands.

Best wishes from

All at

Find out who the candidates are for your area by typing your post code in.

Who Can I Vote For : Link for list of candidates HERE

General Election 2019 Timetable for info: HERE

Get in touch with them all and ask them if they support 50sWomen Full Restitution. CEDAW TSM Discrimination against Women.

Information on CEDAW : HERE

Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


Press Enquiries ONLY to:

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