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November 7, 2019



David Hencke's Brilliant Report on The Scarlet Standard


How the 50s born women could swing marginal seats in 2019 election


Read David's Report  HERE



Dr Davina Lloyd our UN Envoy & Joanne Welch Campaign Director. 


Rocking BBC Radio Essex Sadie Nine Show On 04/11/2019

A big thank you to Sadie Nine for her ongoing interest in this women's Rights issue. 


Listen to Davina Here


Listen to Joanne Here


Above is the official Backto60 poster for you to print out and put on your doors, windows, in cars, anywhere you can think of (legally of course)




 Suggestions for Manifesto
Michaela Hawkins  UNISON / Backto60 


Once the full candidate list has been published on 14th Nov 2019

(You can google this to find the list for your area)


We should all write / email / phone / tweet / FB page each candidate to ask them if they support 50s Women in FULL Restitution



Full Restitution for 1950's born Women's State Pension.


The BackTo60 campaign group has more than 734,000 supporters and argue that the changes to 1950's women's state pension were implemented unfairly with little or no personal notice.


It has left them without any time to make alternative plans and with devastating cumulative consequences: it has hit working class women the hardest.


 Full Restitution of these earned dues will not regain the lost ground - due to the cumulative impact of the robbery - but it will halt the carnage.


1950's women deserve their full state pension now and your party should act by using a Temporary Special Measure out of Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).


Unison the UK’s largest trade union with 1 million women members and along with Unite both will continue to fight for pension justice for the 3.8 million women born in the 1950s.


The recent idea that people may have to work to up to 75 years old is a disgrace to all working people.


All 1950's women have been discriminated against throughout their lives whilst they were working part-time or bringing up a family.


Then having to wait an extra 6 years before they can claim their rightful pension that they paid in to for up to 50 years: their pension pots are minuscule compared to most men.


Supporting 1950's will give your party a victory in upcoming General Election #GE2019





Joanne Welch
Founder & Director



Press Enquiries ONLY to:









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