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Dear Friends

As we head for the High Court, you'll be with us, at every step, to secure back the earned dues belonging to women born in the 1950s.


Those selling 'Crumbs' should hang their heads in shame: checkout David Hencke's blog Betrayed

There's no sense in listening to 'self appointed oracles' leading smaller groups who assume that they can give away property belonging to others without their consent: since they certainly cannot do so.

We have the sole mandate, permission and jurisdiction in this matter: instead of Following defunct groups, follow us, for free - no contract, no membership fee, no hassle.

Simply use #BackTo60 #AllItTakesIsAllOfUs hashtags.

Subscribe here for information: FULL RESTITUTION

A damning academic expert opinion on successive UK government’s failure to meet its international obligations to 1950s women hit by the rise in the pension age.

Jackie Jones, a law professor at the University of the West England, has produced the report, which shows that this group of women have suffered discrimination contrary to an international convention signed by successive UK governments. It is not a legal document but it is an expert opinion.

The full brief can be clicked on here. AMICUS BRIEF

David Hencke's Report Here

Phillip Davies to ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, whether

(a) she, (b) Ministers in her Department and (c) officials in her Department have met with representatives from #BackTo60, the One Voice movement.

See link here


Thank you for asking this question, Philip: despite laborious attempts, not least, 4 hand delivered letters


we were permanently sidelined eg


has such an Open Letter from 225 MPs dated 20th August 2019 *no reply*

Letter to PM pdf

Dr Davina Lloyd met Koldo Casla Director of JustFair

On 14th October 2019 our UN representative, Dr Davina Lloyd, attended a daylong conference in London on Poverty alongside JustFair, ATD Fourth World and Amnesty International. This event was also the UK launch of ATD's ground breaking research on

Understanding Poverty in All Its Forms. The research was co-authored by academics from the University of Oxford and people with lived experience of poverty from ATD Fourth World.

There was frequent reference to the report earlier this year from Professor Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on Poverty, and the dreadful effects austerity has had on women in particular.

The broad conclusion was that Poverty was a Human Rights issue and that civil society groups needed to call the government to task over its policies. The conference will be followed up next year by one aiming to help civil society groups to get their voices heard and make positive changes.

The government has been heavily criticised by Prof Alston and by the CEDAW committee at the UN which deals with discrimination against women. It is now clear that The Government is also in breach of its obligations under Human Rights legislation by putting 14 million people into poverty.

Dr Lloyd was able to network with many different groups and spread Backto60 message. She continues to work closely with JustFair in highlighting the injustice done to 1950‘s women.

JustFair support Backto60. Read their News Letter Here

Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


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