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Dear Friends

The support for our 'Permission to Appeal decision of the High Court' crowd fund is doing fabulously well, thanks to you all and everyone who is not able to donate yet is sharing the link to it, for us. Here it is

Thanks to YOU, here is the BREAKING NEWS just click the link to find out!

You must feel amazing! We do! Let's do this!

Please do continue to encourage everyone to donate and share as the platform fees and campaign costs must also be found.

Best Regards

All at

This is the wording for #EDM2296 which MPs can support by simply agreeing to it, in writing, and/or Tweeting it. Job done!

So please get in touch with your MPs to let them know they can do this.

Thank you

EDM2296 Link will close when parliament reopens. Link

Backto60 has a record off all 225 who have signed on our website. Here

Help Us to Help You

1) Write to your MP and ask for a Surgery appointment

2) Turn up at the House of Commons, go to the Central Lobby and ask to speak to your MP

3) Find out which candidates are standing in the General Election and ask them if they support Full Restitution. Tell your MP about it. Decide who to vote for in the General Election

4) Call your MPs constituency office and ask what he/she is doing to comply with the CEDAW Convention - get a written reply and tell us what they have said.

5) Get on Twitter and ask them the above questions.

6) Go to your MP's Facebook page and start a dialogue about all the above things to do.

7) Write to your local newspaper and tell them your story, too.

8) Many women here probably live close by each other: start chatting via private message and support each other to fight.

For anyone that doesn't understand CEDAW the TSM and UN involvement, please watch this video and share to encourage a better understanding.

Watch YouTube Here

CEDAW: Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

TSM: Temporary Special Measures

UN Involvement: Prof. Philip Alston UN Special Rapporteur

Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


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