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Dear Friends

You have knocked us out with your generosity - thank you, all, so much.

It is also a pleasure to read your comments which supporters enjoy, too.

As we fast approach the half-way mark, please may we request that you share the crowdfund link with all your networks and invite them to do likewise, too.

Here's the link !

Please invite recipients to donate and also share and/or simply share it, should they not be able to afford to make a donation.

Those coming against us are our footstool, marked out as saboteurs of

Our commitment to secure back the earned dues belonging to women born in the 1950s is rock solid and we can see it reflected in your invaluable support.

We can only do this with you on board this landmark case which is making history for women's rights in this 21st Century and 40th Anniversary of CEDAW.

We are cleared for landing in good weather: unfasten your seat belt and collect your belongings.

With all good wishes

On behalf of everyone at

Joanne Welch Radio Interview with our @Rothersonradio

Ian Rothwell Salford City Radio Recordings x 2 Oct 2019

1) Impact of the judgement: Quote from one of our 50s Women after the judgement. "Dismissal was my death warrant" Listen Here

2) Fuller update on Backto60 to date. Listen Here

David Hencke's report on Boris Johnson two faced support for 50sWomen

Read the report Here

Backto60 Live - Streaming from Canary Wharf London 17/10/2019

There were some problems with the sound due to a bad connection at the site but it's worth watching. Turn up the volume if you need to. Enjoy. See link below.

Live Facebook Streaming Video Here

Take a look at our EDM Page on the website. Backto60 EDM

Has your MP signed yet? If not get in touch with them and ask them to sign. If they can't for some reason, ask them to encourage their colleagues to do so.

It is very important to get their support. If they support us then we are more inclined to support them in the next General Election.


Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


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