Backto60 Update Oct 2019

The Amazing David Hencke's

Report on Backto60 Pension Scandal

The fight is not over.

Read David's report Here

Backto60 Brilliant Legal Team interview after court 3/10/2019

See YouTube Here

The magnificent Gloria Mills from Unison speaking after the court case about the next steps for Backto60 in the continued fight for justice over 1950s Womens denied pensions. YouTube

Above quote by Amelia Hill The Guardian Newspaper whose ongoing interest in this issue is hugely appreciated.

Joanne Welch was on Sky News 03/10/2019 YouTube

Joanne Welch was on ITV outside RCJ 03/10/2019 YouTube

Joanne Welch was on BBC News 03/10/2019 YouTube

More to come on the next news bulletin from Backto60.

Radio interviews from 03/10/2019 will be available soon.

Watch This Space

Above From Dan Bloom Mirror

Backto60 wishes to thank all supporters & donors for enabling us to mount this legal challenge. We could not have done it without you.

Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms


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