Bridging The Divide

Joanne Welch - Dr Davina Lloyd - David Hencke - Jackie Jones - Christine Austin - Hannah Manzur

David Hencke's Blog on the Byline Fest Aug 2019

Bridging the Divide @BylineFest: Telling today’s generation about the fight of the 50s born women for their pension rights

Read David's Blog Here

Watch Backto60 Panel at Byline Fest Here: YouTube

Brilliant Illustration done by @pmillustration Patrick McKinney for

All Credit to Philip Alston UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty & Human Rights supporting 50s Women.

Dr Davina Lloyd addressing the Geneva Convention on Human Rights on behalf of

Link to Video Here

Press Enquiries

Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms


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