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Ian Rothwell & Guests 13th Aug 2019 recording. This is worth listening to.

Faisal Rashid MP - Mac Hawkins from Unison - Louise Matthews from Unite

Listen to 1st Guest Mac Hawkins Here

Listen to 2nd Guest Louise Matthews Here

Listen to 3rd Guest Faisal Rashid Here


If your MP has yet to Sign Early Day Motion 2296, please encourage them to do so with a personal letter - not email - via Royal Mail that includes these points? See the points below 1-7

Check if your MP has signed Here

1) Prime Minister Johnson has a plan of action to resolve the state pension issue for women born in the 1950s

2) Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP stated in 1993

"... is the duty of the state to provide a decent standard of living for those who have reached retirement age, which I believe should be reduced to 60"

3) 177 MPs have signed Early Day Motion 2296 in just 3 months despite the political backdrop and recesses galore:

There is no valid excuse to refuse to sign and/or support it.

Additional signatories will appear when the house next sits and not before.

4) The Temporary Special Measure is a masterpiece to finally provide full restitution: it is Erskine May proof and has a track record of success eg All Women's Shortlists.

5) Engagement across all parties and both houses is producing great results.

6) Trade Unions are coming behind in force.

7) Deeds Not Words: 's Election Team is mobilised and women born in the 1950s are being encouraged to use their votes wisely.

Radio Stations And Local Newspapers

Get in touch and tell them your story and that you want your property returned,in full. No deals!

Press Enquiries

Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms


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