Important Early Day Motion 2296

An Early Day Motion has been raised by Anna McMorrin MP. This will help to provide restitution to 50s Women alongside a Special Temporary Measure as permitted by International law. See Prof Jackie Jones YouTube

Only MP's are allowed to sign the Early Day Motion, this is where we need your help.

See the EDM2296 List Here

If your MP is not listed above we would like you to email them asking for their support.

Find your MP Here

**Below is a template you can use. Just Copy & Paste to your email. Complete & send.

(Enter MP's Name here)

I am a member of The Backto60 Group and a Woman born in the 1950s.

We have a Substantive Hearing at The Royal Courts of Justice in London on

5th & 6th June 2019 to challenge the injustice of up to 6 yrs delay in our State Pension age.

As my MP I am asking for your support in signing this. EDM2296

Support that will be reciprocated come the election.

I hope to see your name added to this list very soon.

Yours sincerely

(Your full name here)

( Your Address here)

Joanne Welch, Prof Jackie Jones, Yvette Greenway, Anna McMorrin MP. HOC May 2019

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