Date set for Judicial Review of state pensions for 50s born women

Michael Mansfield QC

Read David Hencke's full article here

Update: 2-Day Substantive Hearing will take place 5th & 6th June 2019

Backto60 .com had a resounding victory on 30th November 2018 and our amazing World Class Legal Team pressed home our advantage for a 2-Day Substantive Hearing.

The substantial significance of our argument has been recognised by the authorities and the case has been elevated to a higher level for determination - this has necessarily involved an alteration of hearing dates.

There will now be a much more thorough and robust review as the case will take on an historic perspective and achieve national significance: it will be heard, May 2019, at the Divisional Court.

Our collective impetus is working so well, thanks to each one of you. Long may it be so.

Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms


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