1950s Women call for Judicial Review of discriminatory state pension policies

738,000 supporters have risen in harmony to amplify millions of 1950's Women's voices in the form of a Judicial Review which urges the government to listen and review the ‘discriminatory’ pension policy which has left millions of women in distress, in destitution and suffering hardship.

Legal Statement ++

The JR application was issued at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Monday 30 July 2018

“The basis of the legal challenge is that the pension policy implemented by successive governments in respect of women of a particular age group (those born in the 1950s) constitutes a gross injustice and is discriminatory. The impact on the economic, social and mental wellbeing of these women, who rightly enjoyed a perfectly legitimate expectation of satisfactory provision in retirement, has been devastating.

The extent of individual distress and hardship is only now becoming evident through real stories of women around the UK. It is deeply ironic that all of this is done in the name of equalisation and equality, when the very means employed to achieve this are themselves discriminatory.

It is intended that the current pension policy be subjected to both public and judicial scrutiny and, therefore, steps are now being taken towards mounting a judicial challenge.”

Binberg Peirce & Michael Mansfield QC

Pam Satchwell: 1950s woman affected by these unjust pension policies, says: “A pension at 60 has been woven into the fabric of society and there is an expectation held over our lifetime that we will retire at 60. We were not consulted, not told of the changes and successive governments have ignored our pleas for a review. Given the mounting evidence of the harmful impacts of the implementation of these policies, we now call for a Judicial Review to correct an injustice that has been done by successive governments to millions of women.”

“The robbery of my State Pension has created cumulative damages to all aspects of my life. It is not only unjust but the tapering will result in loss of tens of thousands of pounds from our actual pensions. For example, a woman born in 1950 will have received her pension in 2010. I was born in Dec 1953 and am due to receive my pension in March 2019. A three-year age gap, but a pension loss equating to over £40,000 from my state pension overall. I also heard a story recently where at an old school reunion several people who were in the same age group and travelled through school together, will retire at different times – some in the group are already receiving their state pension whilst others will have to wait another two years – confusing and unjust.”

The legal challenge means venturing into unchartered waters for the robbed 3.67 million 1950's Women and funded by monies raised through crowd funds raised by these 'robbed' women as they themselves are unable to afford the legal costs and represented by Birnberg Peirce, led by Catherine Rayner and Michael Mansfield QCs.

Instead of fighting this injustice they would much prefer to resume their normal roles in their families and societies which benefitted, exponentially - until now - from their caring and volunteering efforts.

Whilst working, 1950's Women have 'done all the right things', paid their taxes, National Insurance Contributions, raised families, cared for the elderly, grandchildren and managed homes (with their partners) whilst they, *alone*, suffered notorious and iniquitous 'Gaps' in both opportunities and incomes and the availability of pensions.

The swift, twice deferral of their State Pensions, by stealth, is where this "grotesquely disadvantaged" cohort's stoicism ends: the campaign has gathered substantial evidence of the real impacts to women and presented this to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street on three occasions – the evidence and their pleas for help have been undemocratically ignored. Such egregious disregard does not reflect the loud and clear call for a 'Country that Works for Everyone'.

Press inquiries:

Joanne Welch, Campaign Director @2020Comms 07729 625784

Website: https://www.backto60.com #BackTo60 for #50sWomen #OneVoice

Checkout backto60.com | Facebook | Twitter

One Voice Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZwjIbPmwKw&feature=youtu.be

One Voice Documentary, Ken Loach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONu-Ru-1haE

Note to Editors:

There is mounting evidence from many sources to support our claims:

Hereunder is the evidence, proving that Parliaments, Mainstream Media, Public Opinion, EHRC, NI/HRC, UN and CEDAW concur: government must swiftly return the earned dues to 1950's Women - which are unfairly being kept from them. Evidence to prove that global support for this issue is also gathering pace and promulgated by all advocates with influence:

Read the BackTo60 Speech to CEDAW at UN 23 July 2018

George Osborne speaking at the 2013 Global Investment Conference

Both the removal of Treasury contribution to the fund and the subsequent rise in the pension age are not happy coincidence. See here in an article in the Daily Express what George Osborne, the former chancellor, told investors at the Global Investment conference in 2013. George Osborne speaking at the 2013 Global Investment Conference. He said: “Tackling entitlement costs and the cost of an ageing society is a real challenge for Western democratic societies and in the UK we’ve brought forward the increase in pension age to 66 in this decade; we’ve brought forward the increase to 67 in the next decade and actually because of some reform taken some years ago the female pension age is increasing to 65 as we speak.” These changes, when you’re a finance minister, the savings dwarf almost everything else you do. They are absolutely enormous savings and they enable you to go on providing a decent retirement income. So you’re not necessarily reducing the entitlement of people who are retired you’re just increasing the age when that entitlement kicks in.”

MPs: Work & Pension Select Committee Report 2016


All Party Parliamentary Group 2018


Parliamentary Ombudsman 2018:



Pension Bill (1st Reading 2017)


Number of Women affected. 3.9 million. This includes women who would now have received a pension but after 60. The details and links are in this blog.


Main Stream Media: SKY TV @ThePledge July 2018…https://t.co/0XcUpJTgK6?amp=1

(Go to 11 minutes into programme)

Public Opinion: DavidHencke.com - Award Winning Journalist and veteran Lobby Correspondent has produced several reports as below which shines a light on the issues and include:

Longevity flatlined: “Between 1961 and 2011 both the crude death rate (number of deaths per 1000 people) fell every year


'The £271 billion rape of the National Insurance Fund that deprived 50s Women of their state pension'. https://t.co/c13lJ0HpOq?amp=1

Yvette Greenway, CEO: sossilenceofsuicide.org

Survey of 22,000 1950's Women & Suicide: https://www.youtube.com/embed/aMfGMkQlvnQ

Mr David Isaac, Chair, EHRC supports backto60.com


(Pre-Session July 2018): EHRC Report https://t.co/vAOUHhPcrO?amp=1

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission: A Senior Lawyer is in touch with our Legal Team as NIHRC wishes to work with them.

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