Judicial Review Plans

June 8, 2018

BackTo60 's 'Letter Before Action' was delivered today by our World Class Legal Team - see Legal Statement below - whilst campaigners visited 10 Downing Street to deliver their #backto60 for #50sWomen e-petition to the Prime Minister.


The Letter is pre-action protocol ahead of a planned Judicial Review whereby campaigners seek to return their State Pension for 1950s Women #backto60.


Here are messages from our team:


Michael Mansfield QC @NexusChambers

who is leading the Legal Team


"They make the point about 'Equalisation' but actually the way they are doing it, is totally unequal and discriminatory."

"Don't tell me you haven't got the money: you have got the money, it was put in a pot and should have been ring fenced and protected."

"It's a simple, simple message."  https://youtu.be/oYQGt4vhA6M


BackTo60 Partner

Yvette Greenway @AnnaCCampaigns

and Joint CEO, SOS Silence of Suicide

https://www.sossilenceofsuicide.org quoted


"The truth of the matter is that the rules were skewed so the Treasury never had to pay out any money. From 1989 to 2014, if the Treasury had returned to its original support under Major, Blair and Brown governments, the Tory Liberal coalition and Cameron's government, billions of pounds would be available now to help pay the 50s Women. Instead, as we know, successive governments ruthlessly decided to solve the problem by raising the pension age".


Star of 'An Ideal Husband', Vaudeville Theatre, the legendary Frances Barber - Ambassador to BackTo60 - and co-Star, Joanna van Kempen from 'The Archers' rallying support in backto60's video by @JasperWarry @HelloDeerfilms



Barnet Council, former councillors Mr Sury Khatri (Conservative) and Mr Andreas Ioannidis (Labour) were in attendance to endorse the Legal Challenge and encourage everyone to sign the global petition. 



+++++Legal Statement+++++

from Messrs Birnberg Peirce



"The legal team are assisting and advising women affected by these pension changes as part of the work towards a legal challenge, and we are reminded time and again about the drastic impact this big leap has been for women - from lifelong contributions with an expectation to retire at 60,  to be told they will now have to carry on till 66. Those who have contacted us through backto60.com remain stuck in the very real struggle to make ends meet and cope with prolonged working, until they can claim their pensions – often affecting their health, their livelihood, and their families."


Marcia Wills-Stewart

Senior Partner





Joanne Welch, backto60.com Campaign Director


"Our Conference Call with our Legal Team was thrilling since the prospect of securing our State Pension #backto60 for #50sWomen is now within reach - that win is something for which 50s Women have yearned. Please, everyone, pray for our win."


Notes for Editors:



Reports & Blogs by David Hencke

Award Winning Investigative Journalist


'Valley of Death': David Hencke



'The Downing Street State Pension Robbery':

David Hencke



Checkout DavidHencke.com




Politics Student

Hazel, rallying support




Global Petition



Our goal is to reach 1 million supporters and we are almost there:-


BackTo60's archived 'Mighty Mandate' has 730,000 Supporters and the new petition below facilitates our plans for a global reach.


Petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Secretary_of_State_for_Work_Pensions_StatePension_BackTo60_for_50sWomen/?ebcGgnb


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