To fund the final pre litigation steps before issuing a letter before action to the Government.

In a mere 5 months, thanks to YOU, #BackTo60 has funded (on c46k) a Silence of Suicide meeting, 4 documentaries, a film premier, a 'Demo' & visit to 10 Downing Street, Reports, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Website, PR, Banners, Travel, incidentals and, primarily, our World Class Legal Team's work: we have a small pot of remaining monies to magnify our campaign, too.

We trust that everyone will have enjoyed reading our detailed 'Updates' on our 4 Crowdfunder project pages and agree that it has been money very well spent, indeed.

Due to the said fantastic support, has been able to take legal advice on the feasibility of challenging the pension changes through the courts and we now need to raise £10,000 in order to take the next legal steps.

Working with our dedicated legal team headed by Birnberg Peirce and Michael Mansfield, we are now preparing the final pre litigation steps before issuing a Letter Before Action to the Government.

This final pre litigation step will tell government how their unjust rules have impacted on thousands of women; will explain why we believe that the rules breach national and international law and demand a review of the provisions and a complete rethink on the unjust and potentially discriminatory pensions changes.

We now need to fund this further urgent legal work. Our lawyers need to urgently interview women to identify representative examples of the injustices we have all faced, carry out in depth research into the process by which the changes were made and put together the legal arguments to support our case.

Your support towards reaching our mission to deliver our 'Sword of Damocles' will be hugely appreciated.

Please support us here

Checkout 'Valley of Death' by David Hencke

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