Live Stream on Facebook from 1950s Battlebus 8 May 2018

Thanks to you, our loyal supporters, has made a meteoric rise over the past few months and, on 13th April, announced this keystone legal statement whereby Michael Mansfield QC will lead the judicial challenge.

On 8th May, #OneVoice will be live-streaming breaking news via Facebook from onboard a 1950s 'Battlebus' to Parliament, 10 Downing Street and Department of Work & Pensions with and a mixture of peer groups, all invited by Angela Taylor. £10 a ticket. for more info 's third documentary, 'People Power' is about elections ie utilising our tremendous voting prowess, inherent, for starters, in our 720,000 strong e-petition #Be1inaMillion to vote purely for supportive candidates, whichever party they represent.

Support 'The Mighty Mandate'

Let's do this!

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