The Road to Victory

Dear Friends

Absolutely delighted to congratulate our Crowd Funder backers on making the difference they want to see by having made donations to our (Stage III) Crowd Funder which will enable us to secure legal advice from Messrs Birnberg Peirce and Counsel.

We have reached our target and more! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Stages I and II were earlier generously funded and delivered: our latest news is that we commissioned and publicised a report Why #50sWomen Must Go On The Offensive which busts the longevity/equality premise and the arguments upon which parliamentarians sought to base the swift escalation of our state pension age, by stealth, for up to 6 years - and dependant upon the month and year a 1950s' woman was born.

We were interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio and, earlier met with a leader of a political party and a Whip from another party.

Elections are on the horizon and #WeAreTheStorm

Similarly, Social Media Storms at midday on Wednesdays are gathering great momentum. Join us on Social Media @2020Comms

We'll be enjoying an All Day e-Breakfast on Valentine's Day to spread our love to all our supporters. Join us on Social Media @2020Comms

Some of the remaining raised funds will finance the promulgation of our plans which include a third documentary to track our road to victory.

We're so excited to be able to share all our news with you and so grateful for your support. Thank you.

We're looking forward to keeping you updated.

With our grateful thanks

Joanne Welch, Campaign Director, @2020Comms

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