We're Nearly There!

Dear Friends,

What a fantastic start to the New Year!

Stage I (executed)

Stage II (underway)

Stage III Here you go! (click here)

You are 1 in a million - well, currently about 660,000 supporters on this petition - not far short of 1,000,000

Our target of £22,000 to fund advice from our legal team is easily achievable because of your generosity.

Please donate and share our Crowd Funder (Click here) and make it happen. You can also donate directly from our home page of the site too.

Let's put this serious injustice, right, now.

Together, we can do it.

BackTo60.com #OneVoice



Much Love from the team at #Backto60

Please share this email | We need all the support we can get across all support groups | One Voice

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