Put pension age back to 60 for women, not 66.


The Coalition's astounding volte-face for 50's Women State Pension, created the swiftest, steepest 'Reforms' for the meanest State Pension in Europe *BY STEALTH*, for 50's Women cohort.


As a result, State Pension 50's Women are "grotesquely disadvantaged" - Frank Field MP, Chair, Work & Pensions Select Committee (Report 2016).


50's Women had become "spreadsheet anomalies" - collateral damage - amidst the fallout from the crash of the economy.

Uniquely, their well-being and finances have been swiftly and stealthily annihilated: #BackTo60 - the return of their earned dues, in full - is what 50's Women demand.


Jackie Jones, Professor of Feminist Legal Studies, UWE


Why is this important?


Petition: UK government to integrate all rights in UN CEDAW Convention into domestic law.


In 1986 the UK government ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).


It gives rights to UK women & obligates government to advance women's lives, recognising past inequalities & remedying them. Its provisions must become part of domestic law.


Review governance of NI Fund


Govt to establish independent review to take control of the National Insurance Fund out of the hands of The Treasury and also for contributors and pensioners to participate in governance of the Fund.


 UN Alston report 


United Against Universal Credit started this petition to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May MP and 1 other

Government to fully accept the UN Alston report on UK poverty & act on UN recommendations.

We demand that government fully and publicly accept the 2018 United Nations Alston preliminary report on UK poverty and act on any United Nations recommendations or resolutions as a result of the full report when it is produced.


 Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman


The PHSO: Immediately Re-Commences State Pension Investigation re: 1950's UK Women.

Statement by Petition Creators Ros & Fran:


'On 18th December The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman ( PHSO)  made the decision to put their proposed Investigation into State Pension Maladministration complaints on hold until after the Judgement is made following the Judicial Review brought by Backto60.


We believe that as there are many issues that will not be covered by the JR that this decision is unfair to the 6 test cases already identified for the investigation and the many 1950s Women whose complaints have already taken over 2 years to reach this stage.