Announcement has been advised today that @crowdfunderuk confirmed there are "no concerns whatsoever about any of #BackTo60 's crowd fund projects". "We are good people working for the greater good with a clear conscience." - JW Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms 07729 625784 Press enquiries ONLY to:

Judicial Review Ruling

15th September 2020 Uniquely, the historic official news of the Ruling from our World Class Legal Team - led by Michael Mansfield QC - will be released @2020Comms. backto60 com made social history on behalf of 3.8m #50sWomen eg having won - via its World Class Legal Team - leave to appeal on all grounds at the Court of Appeal. Just pause, for one moment, and consider this unprecedented achievement at a time when saboteurs of Women's Rights are out and about in droves. Consider the voluntary work, around the clock - for years passed and to come - by women plucked from obscurity to show the world what a difference civil society can make. Even in a world where those without alumni networks are

Women's Bill of Rights

Judicial Review & CEDAW People's Tribunal A special message to each of you, our loyal supporters. JUDICIAL REVIEW RULING Thank you all, so much, for your loyalty in the face of a bombardment of unprecedented oppression as backto60 com awaits its historic Ruling out of the Court of Appeal, scheduled for 15th September. The invincibility of backto60 com shines through the "... increasing coordinated and effective opposition to Women's Rights, generally." -Baroness Trafford, Conservative Peer. Our grateful thanks for your insuperable support and your thoughtful messages to the whole backto60 com team. Westminster Confidential, David Hencke's blog on the Ruling. Link Here CEDAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL

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