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Women born in the 1950s: Compensation. Following the Labour Party's announcement, we look forward to hearing the full details of the proposals. Meanwhile, David Hencke's blog below provides his insight into it. Labour’s new deal for 50swomen’s lost pensions: What does it mean? Read David Hencke's Report Here Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms backto60.com 07729625784 Press Enquiries ONLY to: hello@backto60.com

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High Priority Action Please As the embers of various policy proposals - from all political parties - emerge to provide what they consider to be compensation for women born in the 1950s who, incidentally, wonder why they've been kept waiting for so many years for such offerings, we invite all supporters to contact the GE19 candidates in their own localities HERE to urge them to: (A) invite party leaders to place ***Full Restitution*** into their Manifestos (B) for party leaders to published signed letters on social media to accompany the said undertaking. Where Discrimination is determined by the Court - as we claim, deserve, expect and accept - CEDAW then demands ***Full Restitution*** and a


THREE CHEERS, APPEAL COURT, HERE WE COME ! Dear Friends Messrs Birnberg Peirce advised us late afternoon 8/11/2019 that a Notice of Appeal to the Court of Appeal is now being prepared by our Legal Team since leave was refused at The High Court. It's because of your support that we are already able to take this next step where we shall hold our position since "it is blatant discrimination and we were entitled to be advised about the state pension age changes". Justice Lang accepted all our arguments and her Judgement starkly contrasts with Justices Whipple & Irwin both of whom have been markedly criticised, not least, by women born in the 1950s who chanted 'Shame on YOU!' outside the Royal Co

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David Hencke's Brilliant Report on The Scarlet Standard How the 50s born women could swing marginal seats in 2019 election Read David's Report HERE Dr Davina Lloyd our UN Envoy & Joanne Welch Campaign Director. Rocking BBC Radio Essex Sadie Nine Show On 04/11/2019 A big thank you to Sadie Nine for her ongoing interest in this women's Rights issue. Listen to Davina Here Listen to Joanne Here Above is the official Backto60 poster for you to print out and put on your doors, windows, in cars, anywhere you can think of (legally of course) POSTER PDF LINK Suggestions for Manifesto Michaela Hawkins UNISON / Backto60 Once the full candidate list has been published on 14th Nov 2019 (You can google

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SPIRITS AND EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH - THANKS TO YOU !! Dear Friends As we head for the High Court, you'll be with us, at every step, to secure back the earned dues belonging to women born in the 1950s. **FULL RESTITUTION IS WHAT CEDAW DEMANDS FOR 1950s WOMEN** Those selling 'Crumbs' should hang their heads in shame: checkout David Hencke's blog Betrayed There's no sense in listening to 'self appointed oracles' leading smaller groups who assume that they can give away property belonging to others without their consent: since they certainly cannot do so. We have the sole mandate, permission and jurisdiction in this matter: instead of Following defunct groups, follow us, for free - no contrac

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