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Thank you everyone for all you are doing to secure back the earned dues belonging to women born in the 1950s YOU DID IT ! ! Dear Donors CONGRATULATIONS ! Crowdfunded In less than 16 days, you have raised an amazing £80,000 to enable 3.8 women born in the 1950s to seek Permission to Appeal in the High Court and to secure back their earned dues being unfairly kept from them: those who assume that Job Seeker's Allowance, Pension Credit, Bus Passes and Prescriptions will suffice, are in for a shock. No other campaign group - and certainly not Waspi Ltd - has any mandate, any permission, any jurisdiction in these matters: property belonging to women born in the 1950s cannot be negotiated away

Backto60 Permission to Appeal Lodged

YOU MUST FEEL AMAZING !! WE DO !! Dear Friends The support for our 'Permission to Appeal decision of the High Court' crowd fund is doing fabulously well, thanks to you all and everyone who is not able to donate yet is sharing the link to it, for us. Here it is Thanks to YOU, here is the BREAKING NEWS just click the link to find out! You must feel amazing! We do! Let's do this! Please do continue to encourage everyone to donate and share as the platform fees and campaign costs must also be found. Best Regards All at This is the wording for #EDM2296 which MPs can support by simply agreeing to it, in writing, and/or Tweeting it. Job done! So please get in touch with your MPs to l

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ASTOUNDING SUPPORT !! THANKS TO YOU !! Dear Friends You have knocked us out with your generosity - thank you, all, so much. It is also a pleasure to read your comments which supporters enjoy, too. As we fast approach the half-way mark, please may we request that you share the crowdfund link with all your networks and invite them to do likewise, too. Here's the link ! Please invite recipients to donate and also share and/or simply share it, should they not be able to afford to make a donation. Those coming against us are our footstool, marked out as saboteurs of Our commitment to secure back the earned dues belonging to women born in the 1950s is rock solid and we can see it reflected in your

Backto60 Crowdfunder Press Release

*** CROWDFUNDER*** PERMISSION TO APPEAL DECISION OF HIGH COURT BY Let's make this happen. Here David Hencke's Report on Byline Times Backto60 Group Seek Permission To Appeal. Read it Here Jackie Jones, Barrister,MEP, Wales. Full Restitution Now See YouTube Here Backto60 EDM2296 225 MPs have signed so far. This is the record we keep on our website. Link Here Joanne Welch Founder & Director @2020Comms 07729625784 Press Enquiries ONLY to:

Backto60 Update Oct 2019

The Amazing David Hencke's Report on Backto60 Pension Scandal The fight is not over. Read David's report Here Backto60 Brilliant Legal Team interview after court 3/10/2019 See YouTube Here The magnificent Gloria Mills from Unison speaking after the court case about the next steps for Backto60 in the continued fight for justice over 1950s Womens denied pensions. YouTube Above quote by Amelia Hill The Guardian Newspaper whose ongoing interest in this issue is hugely appreciated. Joanne Welch was on Sky News 03/10/2019 YouTube Joanne Welch was on ITV outside RCJ 03/10/2019 YouTube Joanne Welch was on BBC News 03/10/2019 YouTube More to come on the next news bulletin from Backto60. Radio in

Great News from Backto60

Backto60 Judicial Review From Marcia Wills-Stewart, Birnberg Peirce "We have just been notified by the court that the judgement will be handed down on Thursday 3rd October at 10 am" Join us at Link More news from the amazing David Hencke Labour’s top people start at last to move to compensate 1950s born women pension losers. Read David's Blog Here Fringe Event at The Labour Conference 24/09/2019 Fantastic update from Backto60 Team, David Hencke, Jackie Jones MEP, Alison Stoeckham, Joanne Welch, Lianne Dallimore, Michaela Hawkins. You must see this on our YouTube channel Here Laura Alvarez, Michaela Hawkins, Jackie Jones MEP, Christine Blower. Unison Reps Michaela Hawkins &

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