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Joanne Welch - Dr Davina Lloyd - David Hencke - Jackie Jones - Christine Austin - Hannah Manzur David Hencke's Blog on the Byline Fest Aug 2019 Bridging the Divide @BylineFest: Telling today’s generation about the fight of the 50s born women for their pension rights Read David's Blog Here Watch Backto60 Panel at Byline Fest Here: YouTube Brilliant Illustration done by @pmillustration Patrick McKinney for All Credit to Philip Alston UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty & Human Rights supporting 50s Women. Dr Davina Lloyd addressing the Geneva Convention on Human Rights on behalf of Link to Video Here Press Enquiries Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms

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Jackie Jones MEP Wales - Gloria Mills National Secretary Equalities Unison Unison backs Full Restitution for 1950s born Women. To whichever group any woman born in the 1950s has belonged, to date, if now you wish to focus on Full Restitution, Damages and Compensation, then follow instead whose focus is: #TakingItBackto60 #OneVoice It is Free, No membership, No contract, Invite your friends to please support us too. Thank you to everyone. Backto60 invite you to take part by writing to your MPs asking them to sign our EDM2296 Check if you MP has signed EDM2296 Temporary Special Measure video CEDAW Press Enquiries Joanne Welch Campaign Director @2020Comms he

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10 Downing St Thursday 22nd August 2019 1:30 pm Press Release - Open Letter - Petition Letter An Open Letter to the Prime Minister was delivered today, by hand, to 10 Downing Street, 22nd August, to highlight Early Day Motion 2296 and the CEDAW 'Temporary Special Measure' within it - signed by 177 cross-party MPs - to provide full restitution to 3.8m women born in the 1950s who are demanding the return of their earned dues. Prof Jackie Jones, Barrister, MEP, Wales was joined by Gloria Mills CBE, National Secretary, UNISON, Equalities, Sian Stockham, Senior Vice-President, UNISON, Alan Fox. National Pensions Officer, UNISON, Joanne Welch, Campaign Director, and Callum Jones, Unde

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Checkout @rothersonradio @SalfordCRadio Ian Rothwell & Guests 13th Aug 2019 recording. This is worth listening to. Faisal Rashid MP - Mac Hawkins from Unison - Louise Matthews from Unite Listen to 1st Guest Mac Hawkins Here Listen to 2nd Guest Louise Matthews Here Listen to 3rd Guest Faisal Rashid Here LETTERS -TO - MPs If your MP has yet to Sign Early Day Motion 2296, please encourage them to do so with a personal letter - not email - via Royal Mail that includes these points? See the points below 1-7 Check if your MP has signed Here 1) Prime Minister Johnson has a plan of action to resolve the state pension issue for women born in the 1950s 2) Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Cor

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David Hencke's blog on The Byline Festival 23rd - 26th August 2019 Enjoy reading it Here Hats Off To Backto60 #Backto60 #50sWomen If you support us like we support you and you would like to appear on our New Supporters Page, please follow this link to find out how to do it. It's completely free. Click on the Link Here Find your MP on this list: Here Click on their name for details to appear Click 'Election' results tab to reveal how many voters in their constituency elected them into their Seat Decide whether they support the issues you care about: use your votes wisely Check the 'Recent Activity' of Peers in this list: Here Click on a name, details appear, click on the available tabs to

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