Delighted to share our news that Anna generously sponsored #BackTo60 for #50sWomen to meet with parliamentarians to share information about our work. Yvette Greenway astounded attendees with a recollection by 'Ms Penny Less', stealing hearts and minds to understand the plight of those without their hard earned dues. Prof Jackie Jones 'Temporary Special Measure' out of CEDAW, was warmly welcomed and parliamentarians expressed their interest to learn more. The TSM is a parliamentary vehicle which is planned to be triggered as our 'Claim Granted' status is won, to facilitate full restitution to #BackTo60 for #50sWomen Hear all about it: https://youtu.be/iMMlq-4yZVw Sign: https://petition.parli


Prof Jones attends Ambassador's Reception with Countess of Wessex Equality & Human Rights Commission has published a blog where the unfairness to 50s women is highlighted and adds that Prof Jones' petition is supported. Prof Jones is in New York attending #UNCSW63 where her mission includes concerns around 50s women's pensions. See more Prof Jones Calls For Full Restitution #BackTo60 for #50sWomen. Our grateful thanks to Davina and Jackie for their work together with EHRC, CEDAW and #UNCSW63 Dr Davina Lloyd has just returned from UN, Geneva, out of which the CEDAW committee has published concerns and recommendations. Read more CEDAW Report CEDAW Recommendations *Press Enquiries* Joanne Welc

Unison's National Women’s Conference support Backto60.com Campaign

Motion carried at Unison's National Women’s Conference Read more There were calls for support for Backto60.com campaign First day of debate sees delegates discuss health and safety for women, plus the plight of the Waspi generation. https://www.unison.org.uk/news/article/2019/02/womens-conference-opens-range-debates/

WE DID IT! Crowdfund 2019 Substantive Hearing Divisional Court

DEAR LOYAL DONORS YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT IS HUGELY APPRECIATED. £40,000 RAISED IN JUST 10 DAYS! DIVISIONAL COURT, HERE WE COME! THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL. **3 CHEERS** WITH GRATEFUL THANKS To raise funds for Substantive Hearing, Divisional Court; Crowdfunder fees & charges; BackTo60's campaign ongoing operational costs.​ We have successfully raised funds - thanks to our crowdfund community of donors - and delivered more than everything we had promised. Our amazing Legal Team secured the 2 day Substantive Hearing at the Divisional Court against the odds and with a Cost Capping Order to enable #50sWomen to raise the limited funds to facilitate the Hearing. Our campaign has never charged membershi

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