Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Backto60 spreading courage and love at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. Generations may divide us but causes unite us. Speaking for ALL 1950's Women at this our time of need. Another intriguing case for Sherlock, investigating the State Pension theft of £271 Billion by successive UK Govts and seeks to support the restitution of State Pension monies and retirement at 60. Thanks to our daring and intrepid suffragettes from Clair/Obscur for the play 'A Necessary Woman' also Waspi and WPIYPO. Amazing selection of global support from across the world uniting us in Scotland for the Historic Vote 100 year anniversary in Emily Davidsons own words at a time when women will no longer be constraine

BBC Radio Kent

Read the transcript of the interview about 1950s women's pensions on BBC Radio Kent 8th August with David Hencke, Political Journalist here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/0c53f3_c3b2e3e2fb86451cbee67e1c0e23fe1d.pdf See David's blog page here

#BackTo60 - itself - served the #JudicialReview Papers

Dearest Loyal #BackTo60 Supporters #BackTo60 - itself - served the #JudicialReview Papers on the government and is the sole Client in the #50sWomen #StatePension matter at the Royal Courts of Justice. backto60.com is delighted to thank all supporters and #BackTo60 's World Class Legal Team who accept Instructions solely from #BackTo60 despite claims, erroneously publicised by those who attempting to mislead #BackTo60 's backers. #BackTo60 @2020Comms is the official news channel for all #JudicialReview matters herein. Thank you for your support: check here for official updates.

1950s Women call for Judicial Review of discriminatory state pension policies

738,000 supporters have risen in harmony to amplify millions of 1950's Women's voices in the form of a Judicial Review which urges the government to listen and review the ‘discriminatory’ pension policy which has left millions of women in distress, in destitution and suffering hardship. Legal Statement ++ The JR application was issued at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Monday 30 July 2018 “The basis of the legal challenge is that the pension policy implemented by successive governments in respect of women of a particular age group (those born in the 1950s) constitutes a gross injustice and is discriminatory. The impact on the economic, social and mental wellbeing of these women, wh

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