We are delighted to announce Autumn plans to produce a full length film, named 'GREER'S LAW' Get ready for the close-up at your 'Red Carpet' event: news to follow, as it develops Everything we do is enabled by YOU *UPDATE*: Talks with our Director are now underway and the Crowd Funder to finance 'Greer's Law' will launch this Autumn 'Greer's eloquent commentary on the stealth removal of #50sWomen's StatePension will stand in perpetuity, in this, the Suffragettes Centenary year.' 'We dedicate our first film in which she appeared, to Greer RIP' In loving Memory of the late Greer Nicholson


Dear loyal #BackTo60 Supporters We write to express our heartfelt thanks for your donations and support: as planned, we reached the 20k target inside the 14 day window described. It is because of your generosity and your link sharing with your networks that we are able to make progress. Thank you, we are most grateful to everyone. It is heartwarming to read the comments which accompany the donations and on Social Media, too. The thrill to now be in a position to respond to the long awaited Govt's 'substantive reply' to our Letter of Intent sustains us: we have agreed not to issue proceedings ahead of an agreed deadline. This Crowd Funder will close on Friday morning in order to accommodate


This film shows our team, including our Ambassador, Frances Barber, delivering the letter before action to No. 10 Downing street, to start the legal process. It also draws attention to our latest crowdfunding campaign, which you can back here. Project

To fund the next Legal step and also sustain our Campaign.

Dear loyal #BackTo60 for #50sWomen Supporters Our fantastic news is that our World Class Legal Team has today delivered our Letter Before Action to the government: we have 14 days to raise £20,000 to fund the next Legal step and also sustain our campaign. The Letter is pre-action protocol ahead of a planned Judicial Review whereby campaigners seek to return their State Pension for 1950s Women #backto60. All we have achieved to date is due to the generosity of backers and supporters who donate money and share our work with their networks. Read the full article here We are most grateful to everyone. Thank you, so much. Donate to our Crowdfunder here On behalf of the backto60.com Team

Judicial Review Plans

BackTo60 's 'Letter Before Action' was delivered today by our World Class Legal Team - see Legal Statement below - whilst campaigners visited 10 Downing Street to deliver their #backto60 for #50sWomen e-petition to the Prime Minister. The Letter is pre-action protocol ahead of a planned Judicial Review whereby campaigners seek to return their State Pension for 1950s Women #backto60. Here are messages from our team: Michael Mansfield QC @NexusChambers who is leading the Legal Team "They make the point about 'Equalisation' but actually the way they are doing it, is totally unequal and discriminatory." "Don't tell me you haven't got the money: you have got the money, it was put in a pot and sho

The Downing Street state pension robbery

An investigation reveals successive governments have raided and underfunded the National Insurance Fund and the 50s generation of women pensioners are paying for it. Read David Hencke's article on Byline.com here Also on David's Blog I wonder if Mr Plod has a good sense of humour. Pic Credit : Scott Scott on Twitter Sign our petition here

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