Shoulder to Shoulder

We are absolutely delighted to present our documentary 'Shoulder to Shoulder' which follows #OneVoice supporters - belonging to all our peer groups - on a 'Battlebus Tour' of Parliament, 10 Downing Street and the Department of Work & Pensions at Caxton House. Sign our petition here

Battlebus Crew!

Dearest Loyal #BackTo60 for #50sWomen Supporters, We had a brilliant day yesterday on the 'Battlebus' Tour following which we launched our Crowdfunder 'The Sword of Damocles' to facilitate the final pre-litigation stage of our judicial challenge. Collective peer groups stood together to face their enemy in common as #OneVoice - we made social history by standing together to prevent further 'Divide & Rule' games being thrown amongst victims of the State Pension robbery. We toured London via Parliament, 10 Downing Street and The Department of Work & Pensions where a 'One Way Ticket' was delivered to Guy Opperman's representative. Quote "In the first place, they [1950's Women] were given no not


To fund the final pre litigation steps before issuing a letter before action to the Government. Team Presents

#BackTo60's Team is honoured and thrilled to be working alongside Michael & Yvette whose world renowned, game changing work in the field social justice, blazes trails way beyond all that anyone in the throes of making a challenge dare to ask. SOS Silence of Suicide Michael and Yvette, on behalf of SOS, are delighted to be working alongside #Backto60, investigating and highlighting the mental health impact that SPA deferral has had on 1950's women in the UK. There's no doubt that women affected by Government policy have suffered, not just financially, but socially, physically and psychologically too - the findings of our surveys on behalf of #Backto60 emphatically illustrate this. SOS has wor

Petition - State Pension age for women to be reduced from 66 to 60

Have you signed our petition? Over 724k have signed so far! Put pension age back to 60 for women, not 66. Why is this important? The Coalition's astounding volte face for #50sWomen #StatePension created the swiftest, steepest 'Reforms' for the meanest State Pension in Europe *BY STEALTH*, for #50sWomen cohort. As a result, #StatePension #50sWomen are "grotesquely disadvantaged" - Frank Field MP, Chair, Work & Pensions Select Committee (Report 2016). #50sWomen had become "spreadsheet anomalies" - collateral damage - amidst the fallout from crash of the economy. Uniquely, their well-being and finances have been swiftly and stealthily annihilated: #BackTo60 - the return of their earned dues, in

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