The Road to Victory

Dear Friends Absolutely delighted to congratulate our Crowd Funder backers on making the difference they want to see by having made donations to our (Stage III) Crowd Funder which will enable us to secure legal advice from Messrs Birnberg Peirce and Counsel. We have reached our target and more! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Stages I and II were earlier generously funded and delivered: our latest news is that we commissioned and publicised a report Why #50sWomen Must Go On The Offensive which busts the longevity/equality premise and the arguments upon which parliamentarians sought to base the swift escalation of our state pension age, by stealth, for up to 6 years - and dependant upon the month and year

Prime Ministers Questions Social Storm

Dear Friends, With thanks to your generosity, our #OneVoice Crowd Funder is now 67% funded in less than 9 days - against the 'backdrop', naysayers, saboteurs and with so few resources; some supporters are under the worst stress they have ever experienced in their lives. We are on the 'Home Run' but please can you help with one last huge big push towards our target to enable us to get the legal avenue determined. We operated a Social Media Storm during Prime Minister's Questions: the activity analysis was most encouraging and two more such events are now planned for 24th and 31st of this month. Please join in by following @2020Comms at Midday on both dates - 24th and 31st January. Please can

We're Nearly There!

Dear Friends, What a fantastic start to the New Year! Stage I (executed) Stage II (underway) Stage III Here you go! (click here) You are 1 in a million - well, currently about 660,000 supporters on this petition - not far short of 1,000,000 Our target of £22,000 to fund advice from our legal team is easily achievable because of your generosity. Please donate and share our Crowd Funder (Click here) and make it happen. You can also donate directly from our home page of the site too. Let's put this serious injustice, right, now. Together, we can do it. #OneVoice @2020Comms Joanne Much Love from the team at #Backto60 Please share this email | We need all the support we can get acros

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