Whats happened?

1950’s women had their state pensions deferred twice by stealth, for the meanest state pension in Europe - under the false premise of equality and longevity.


The work and pensions select committee found them grotesquely disadvantaged in a report dated 2016.


So far, a succession of debates has yet to resolve the issue. However, across party group is working towards reaching an agreement.


Several peer groups representing 50’s women are now coming together to form the ‘ONE VOICE’ movement.

What does this


As a result of all this, thousands of women across the UK have had their retirement plans annihilated. Their mental and physical well being has been very negatively affected. Likewise, their family relationships have deteriorated so much so, that many have expressed the loss of their identities and self-esteem diminished.


Their sense of security has been hugely impaired along with their confidence and standing in society. The most horrifying fact of all is that some are frequently feeling suicidal and a percentage of those are self-harming.


At the age of 60, these women expect to be retired, happy and finally able to enjoy the fruits of their labours without stress or worry. Instead, they have been asset stripped, told to become apprentices. Essentially leaving them lonely, confused and unsure of what comes next.


Survey results, conducted by SOS Initiatives, have uncovered a catastrophic impact on thousands of women across the UK. (survey)

Who loses out?

Millions will now have to wait longer before they can claim their state pension. The cumulative impact of these losses, have placed them in an irrecoverable position. They have no time to plan and have been left to fend for themselves without any support.


Eg - Loss of savings, downsizing property, taking out equity release, selling chattels and living from hand to mouth.


The 1950’s women were targeted to shoulder the stealth escalation of the state pension age. These are the women our campaign is aimed at. Women that just happened to be born in the wrong decade, after having suffered a lifetime of inequities.

#BackTo60 | Our Story


When“unfair” changes to the state pension age came to light, as mentioned above, it left all 1950’s women helpless and unsure of where to turn or what to do.


The aftermath of this government decision, lead to a small group of women coming together to demand the return of their earned dues. #Backto60 was born.


Since then we’ve continued to grow organically, taking on supernatural power. Our popularity is self-evident in the numbers signing the petition and on the launch of the survey, so many people were interested that it crashed our servers. Likewise, when we crowdfunded for the documentary, we managed to hit our target and raise the funds, within two days.


Our campaign grew even stronger earlier this week when we gained the formal support of Michael Mansfield QC in Nexus chambers, who has agreed to represent the campaign.


We are forever thankful and overwhelmed at the amount of support we have received to date and continue to be humbled by the sheer amount of participation from others.


However, we need your help for one last push in order for us to achieve our goals. A simple task you can help us with right this instant is to head over and sign our survey.


If you’d like to join a squad of volunteers please will you immediately step forward and energise plans, now.

Please Act:



  • 1st Task - each volunteer to share the One Voice’ Ethos with all their contacts. In peer groups and bring those contacts onboard to ONE VOICE


  • 2nd Task - Generate a supportive dialogue between all those behind one voice, on all social media platforms.


  • 3rd Task - Speak life into our common goals and plan for the best outcome.


Peer group leaders will hold the ONE VOICE direction, whilst respecting opinions.


Let’s do this!